Town Council, Commission & Board Meetings

As a result of the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation, until further notice all public meetings will be held remotely using electronic means. 

Visit our Town Video page for Public Meetings.

The CURRENT meeting agenda & docs will be posted to same page.

The Town has a process to allow the public to watch the meeting live from their home or business and participate remotely via webcam or telephone. In the event that a meeting is held remotely, there will be a portal to watch the proceedings at the Town Hall Council Chambers. Because of this, there will be limited or reduced ability to attend meetings in person. We are encouraging you to submit all of your comments in writing which will be distributed to respective Members. Please watch the Town website for details.

Please Knock for Assistance...

Town Hall has gone to a "Please Knock" policy. Until further notice...


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    Thank you for your generous donations to support the Friday Harbor Food Bank and those struggling with utilities. Read on...

    Find Town's response objectives and other useful information. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION
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    It is our honor and pleasure to welcome you to our Digital Town Hall.  We believe we are taking a great step toward making Friday Harbor's government more open and responsive to your needs.