Business License Program


In accordance with the State Legislature, the Town of Friday Harbor modified its Business Licensing Program to comply with state regulations. New regulations are codified as Chapter 5.04 FHMC.

Most individuals or companies that conduct business in Washington State already obtain a State Master Business License through Department of Revenue's Business Licensing Services. Most often, a separate business license ("city endorsement") is required for each location of each municipality that the business operates.


Unless exempted from acquiring a Friday Harbor business license, Friday Harbor Municipal Code requires that every individual or company engaging in business within the Town limits register their business. Unless the business is mobile, each location shall be treated as a separate business.

Apply or Renew a Business License

Town no longer accepts applications or payment for Friday Harbor business licenses. Go to the State of Washington Business Licensing Service. Follow the prompts and you will be directed toward all the forms and information needed to license your business. Payments can be made online with a credit or debit card.

Because the BLS tries to establish a common expiration date for all of your licensing needs, it is common for the first license to be prorated to coordinate with other renewals for state licenses issued to that business. After that, the renewal will be the full $50 annually, plus any processing fees.

Renewals are also processed by the Department of Revenue (DOR). The business will receive a renewal notification from Business Licensing Services 30-days prior to its expiration date with detailed instructions for renewing online.

Need help?

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