Utility Assistance

Utility Assistance Program

Since 2005 the Town of Friday Harbor has worked with the Family Resource Center to provide emergency financial assistance to Town utility customers. Annually, the Town Council budgets monies from the Current Expense Fund to help fund its utility assistance program which is administered by the Family Resource Center. The recent economic climate has stretched this program to its limits and now the Town is offering its utility customers a chance to help their neighbors.


Beginning with the November 2009 bill, Town utility customers can contribute to the utility assistance program by adding a little extra to your payment. Just add a donation amount under the Harbor Life Ring section on your utility payment remittance form and add the donation to your utility payment to assist those in need. All those involved in this program appreciates your help.

Additional Information

For more information contact the Town Finance Department.

  1. Bethany Berry

    Finance Director
    Phone: Ext. 224

  2. Reid Ledgerwood

    Lead Finance Clerk
    Phone: Ext. 237

  3. Leslie Rognas

    Accounts Payable Clerk
    Phone: Ext. 220

  4. Shelby Ness

    Accounts Receivable Clerk
    Phone: Ext. 222