Program Eligibility

Presently, the Town recycling program is available to Single Family Residential homes. Due to recent changes in how recycling is transported locally and regionally, please pay special attention to recycling rules.


To sign-up for recycling, contact the Finance Department to request a change in utility services. The Town will add this service to the customer's utility services.


Recycling must be in a 32-gallon, weatherproof container with a lid and labeled with a "Recycle" sticker and house number. Town can provide the appropriate labels free of charge. Town will only accept clean recyclables from the list below.


Recycling costs $2 for each 32-gallon container picked up. See Rates for more information.


Recycling is generally collected during the first and third week of the month on the customer's regular collection day for refuse. Alternate schedules may be used for national holidays. See the Schedules to determine collection days.

Preparing Items for Recycling

The Town will only accept this list of clean recyclables.  This Printable Flyer is available for easy reference. For more information on the benefits of recycling, visit the Department of Ecology's RECYCLING RIGHT MATTERS.
Recyclable Items
Not Recyclable
Aluminum, steel, or tin cans  Aerosol cans
Aluminum foil and foil trays Ceramics or dishes
Cardboard (packaging, pizza boxes) Clothing
Computer paper  Confetti
Glass bottles and jars (any color) Dirt, soil, or concrete
Magazines, books, catalogs, newspapers, phone books
Disposable diapers or rags
Mail (window envelopes, store ads)
Food compost
Milk cartons and juice boxes
Light bulbs (incandescent, fluorescent)
Paper food boxes/frozen food boxes Mirrors or window glass
Paper towels, plates, or napkins
Needles or syringes ("sharps")
Plastic jars, bottles, jugs, yogurt cups, sour cream containers
Paint or paint cans
Scrap metal (clean and without plastic, limit 2 by 2 feet, and 35 pounds)  Plastic bags, shrink wrap, and cellophane
Shredded paper (in paper bag)
Prescription vials

Styrofoam packaging, packing peanuts, etc.

Toxic containers (oils, antifreeze, pesticides, herbicides)