Historic Preservation Review Process

Complete a Review Application & contact Town Hall to schedule a project for review by the Historic Preservation Review Board.

The Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) must receive 7 (seven) sets of the materials outlined below, on 8.5”x 11” paper, 2 weeks preceding the HPRB meeting. This allows staff adequate time to prepare support materials and Board members an opportunity to thoroughly review documents.  

In order to provide help with design solutions and offer informed recommendations to applicants during the review process, the HPRB relies upon the following applicant information:

  1. A comprehensive written description of the proposed modifications to the existing building or of the proposed new construction including scope of work, materials, areas of demolition/new construction, etc.
  2. A site plan to scale that indicates the dimensions of the lot, the location of existing buildings, and the location of additions or new buildings. Also to be indicated: parking, signs, fencing, & landscaping.
  3. A plan to scale showing elevations, and section drawings. Drawings should include materials to be used, window design, signs, exterior lighting with keyed dimensions.
  4. Detailed drawings of new or altered architectural features and trim.
  5. A description or sample of new exterior materials to be used, including the types of windows, roofing, and siding. Product pamphlets describing the materials/products you propose to use can be obtained from the product vendor and/or from their websites online.
  6. Photographs: When the HPRB is reviewing projects within the Historic District, it is helpful to have photographs of applicable buildings, sites, and streetscapes. Applicants are encouraged to include vintage or contemporary photographs that illustrate what you are proposing. Look around Friday Harbor, can you find examples of similar features that will demonstrate your concept?