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  1. signage

    Now that A, Web and Nichols have new sidewalks; we need signage in this area tp indicate location of public restroom.

    Sep 20, 2018 by town resident (5 points)

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  2. "Ferry Unloading" warning signs

    Signs on the fringes of downtown warning of ferry unloading. Signs at Guard St by the theater, 4 way stop on Spring at Cain, and Argyle & Cain - I'm not sure how the data transfer will occur:...

    Dec 2, 2018 by Wagner LLC (25 points)

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  3. STEAM POWERED mechanical stop "lights" on Spring and 1st street

    Well, they probably could't reallybe steam powered, more likely electro-mechanical, possibly pneumatic (air actuated) but something that is unique, fills that dreaded need for a stoplight, but isn't a...

    Dec 2, 2018 by Wagner LLC (25 points)

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