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60 Second Street
PO Box 219






2013 Committee Assignments

Regulated Boards, Committees and Commissions:

Board of Health

Councilmember Starr

Emergency Management Council

Mayor Lacher & Town Administrator

Housing Bank Commission

Councilmember de Freitas

Law and Justice Council

Councilmember Menjivar

Local Board of Trustees (Fire Board) (presently inactive)

Mayor Lacher & Councilmember de Freitas

Marine Resources Committee Johannes Krieger (citizen)

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

Councilmember Monin

TFH Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

Councilmember Hushebeck & Councilmember Starr

Water Resources Management Committee

Town Administrator


Non-Regulated Boards, Committees and Commissions:

Economic Development Council

Councilmember Hushebeck

Transportation Commission

Land Use Administrator Bertrand

Joint Planning Policy Committee (presently inactive) Councilmember Hushebeck & Town Administrator

Scenic Byways Committee

Land Use Administrator Bertrand & Historic Coordinator Sandy Strehlou, Council Contact Councilmember Hushebeck

SJ Action Agenda Oversight Committee Mayor Lacher & Land Use Administrator Bertrand
SJC Stormwater Advisory Committee Susan Key (citizen)
SJI Chamber of Commerce Councilmember Hushebeck

SJI Trails Committee

Land Use Administrator Bertrand

Transportation Committee Land Use Administrator Bertrand

Utilities Committee

Public Works Director Haefele

Visitors Bureau

Councilmember de Freitas & LTAC Member Saccio

Watershed Planning Committee (presently inactive)

Councilmember Monin

For more information contact:  Amy Taylor, Town Clerk 360.378-2810

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